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Boggs Side Chair Build: Steam Bending, Part 1

06 Aug 2013 / 4 Comments / in Chairmaker's Journal

Steam bending is a wonderful, almost magical, way to make curved parts. In a matter of hours I can transform what looks like a completely unbendable rough board more than 2″ thick into a beautifully curved chair leg ready for final shaping. The process uses material efficiently, especially compared to cutting out the same shape […]

Boggs Side Chair Build: Preparing the Rear Legs for Bending

30 Jul 2013 / 0 Comments / in Chairmaker's Journal

Once I have all the rough blanks for the chair milled I am ready to prepare the rear legs for steam bending. As with most things in the process of building this chair there is more to it than simply cutting the parts to specific dimensions. You may recall when I milled the rough blanks […]

Boggs Side Chair Build: Milling Blank Parts, Part 2

23 Jul 2013 / 2 Comments / in Chairmaker's Journal

After milling the blanks for the rear legs I turn my attention to the slat blanks. For the best joint I use wood with quarter sawn grain. When assembled, the radial grain in the slat tenon will run parallel to the long grain in the leg which makes the mating parts of the joint as […]

Boggs Side Chair Build: Milling Blank Parts, Part 1

16 Jul 2013 / 5 Comments / in Chairmaker's Journal

Now that I have milled or located good chair wood it’s time to start building the chair. The first step is to mill the blank parts out of the sawn lumber. This is more than simply cutting parts to size. Each board is evaluated to determine it’s suitability for various parts. And each part is […]

Grain Orientation and Wood Movement, Part 2

08 Jul 2013 / 0 Comments / in Chairmaker's Journal

This week I’m taking a small detour from the Side Chair Build series to finish up my posts on grain orientation and wood movement. The principles of grain orientation and wood movement have a direct impact on milling part blanks from the larger board, which will be the subject of the next post in the […]

Boggs Side Chair Build: Logs and Lumber

03 Jul 2013 / 2 Comments / in Chairmaker's Journal

Building a Boggs side chair begins with selecting and milling a log. This approach puts you in control of the process all the way back to the log. If you do not have access to logs or a sawyer I will talk about alternatives at the end of this post. There are a variety of […]

Boggs Side Chair Build: Introduction

11 Jun 2013 / 2 Comments / in Chairmaker's Journal

Welcome to a new series of posts that will describe how to build a Boggs 3-slat post and rung side chair. Brian designed this chair to fit a human form as comfortably as possible and, if you build one, it will surely be one of the most comfortable wooden chairs you ever sit in. Although […]

Learn from a Master

13 Apr 2013 / 0 Comments / in Chairmaker's Journal

Greenwood Chair Class taught by Brian Boggs July 15–July 20, 2013 | Warren Wilson College, Swannanoa, NC I took my first class with Brian Boggs in 2006. I was attracted to the class, as many people are, by Brian’s beautiful chair designs. It was my first experience making a ladderback chair—up until then I had […]

The Class Experience

14 Jan 2013 / 1 Comment / in Chairmaker's Journal

For any of you who are on the fence about taking one of my chairmaking classes, I have added a page (click here) to the class web pages with comments from some of my students. I recognize that taking a class like this can be a huge investment in tuition, lodging, and travel, not to […]

Manual Chairmaking

06 Dec 2012 / 2 Comments / in Chairmaker's Journal

For anyone who has taken a woodworking class the need to take good notes, so that you can reproduce what you learned in class in your home shop, can be daunting. Not only is it hard to take notes that are clear and easy to use once you get home, it also eats into the […]