Sunniva Outdoor Wood Furniture Collection

A gift from the sun for your porch, patio, or garden

Outdoor wood furniture for timeless luxury

The Sunniva outdoor wood furniture collection fills a singular niche amongst luxury patio furniture options. In a market full of metal, concrete, and manmade materials, a sense of warmth and passion is often missing. Designers struggle to find inspired pieces that are equal parts functional and beautiful.

For instance, there’s no lack of high-concept modern pieces on the market, but these tend to be uncomfortable and incapable of supporting a variety of body types. There are also plenty of rustic, primitive choices to be had, but these clash with modern interiors and look out of place in urban settings. Similarly, upholstered pieces offer myriad color, frame, and padding options, but these are high maintenance, and outdoor-appropriate textile options are limited and can quickly look dated.

The seven pieces in the all-wood Sunniva Collection overcome these widespread limitations through premium materials, careful ergonomic study, and superior craftsmanship. The heritage-rich design elements are made sleek with contemporary contours. The traditional materials withstand the elements through uncommon methods of precision engineering. As a result, these pieces are stylistically versatile, long lasting, divinely comfortable, and offer a sense of warmth and soul that manufactured pieces do not.

Genuinely comfortable outdoor wood chairs

Brian Boggs' designs do not sacrifice comfort for beauty. All of our outdoor seating options boast remarkably accurate lumbar support in the form of cleverly bent-laminated back slats. The gentle curves of the seats cradle you without the need for additional cushioning. High backs translate into a genuinely restful posture for everyone. These outdoor wood chairs are meant to be enjoyed for hours at a time for years to come.

Rocking Chair


Outdoor Arm Chair


Outdoor Settee


Premium porch swing

Porch swings evoke strong feelings of home, relaxation, and time spent with loved ones. Our deluxe porch swing is the perfect perch for your property.

With elegant arcs and the same masterful ergonomic support found in the rest of our seating, you can enjoy your view without any chains or ropes to hinder your field of vision or snare your fingers.

Available with or without a coordinating stand, so you can put it anywhere in your yard or garden. The stand isn't necessary if you have a sturdy structure to hang it from.


Luxury outdoor wood dining furniture

Whether you're looking for a place to stage a formal garden party, sprawling summer cookouts, or a little spot to enjoy a beer and a burger, the Sunniva dining collection will fit your needs.

The inspired, timeless design looks at home in all types of spaces, with the simple but stately table pairs nicely with the elongated curves of the dining chair. We also offer smaller, round cocktail tables in a variety of heights and circumferences.



Proudly offering sustainably-sourced Honduran mahogany

The entire Sunniva outdoor wood furniture collection is built from sustainably-sourced Honduran mahogany, an exceptionally performing wood long prized in furniture making and yacht building. We source this wood from GreenWood Global, a non-profit organization that Brian helped found over 20 years ago. GreenWood is a trio of sawyers' cooperatives that selectively hand-harvest massive trees in the Honduran rainforest. The lumber is sent to international companies - like ourselves and Taylor Guitars - and also used by local craftspeople to make a variety of chairs and handcrafts.


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