Greenwood Barstool
Greenwood Barstool, front viewGreenwood Barstool – back viewGreenwood Barstool, seat weaving detailGreenwood Barstool, back slat detailPair of Greenwood Barstools, front viewPair of Greenwood Barstools, back view

Greenwood Barstool

A classic post-and-rung barstool grown out of ancient woodworking techniques.

Brian’s woodworking career began with making greenwood-style chairs over a quarter century ago. It is his pleasure to keep this traditional way of chairmaking alive and apply all he has learned about designing for comfort.

The greenwood method harnesses an ancient technique that uses the wood’s natural shrinking and swelling to keep the joinery tight. An essential element in this tradition is wood selection: green, fresh red maple for the legs and slats, with dried hickory for the rungs. After the stool is assembled, the high-moisture maple dries around the hickory, resulting in a strong, long-lasting handmade chair without the use of nails or glue.

The Greenwood Barstool is available with your choice of seat weaving and finish options.



Red maple. Hickory rungs.


Variety of natural and painted finishes available, from milk paint to antique staining.


Woven in your choice of Shaker tape (colored canvas strips). Natural bark may also be available depending on timing and quantity.


Will vary with customization.


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