Wood Selection

Premium materials for a superior product.

At Brian Boggs Chairmakers, we believe that premium materials are prerequisite for a top-quality product. Therefore, we start with superior lumber, mindfully cut and carefully dried. These high standards ensure longevity, beauty, and sustainability.

Whenever possible, we use local woods harvested from North Carolina. The majority of our wood is domestic, with the exception being Honduran mahogany sourced from our friends at GreenWood Global.

Brand-new cherry ladderback rocker.



Cherry has long been a popular choice in American furniture and cabinet making. It starts off with a golden reddish hue. Like many woods, its color gets darker and richer with time. It is a fairly lightweight hardwood with a fine texture.


15-year old cherry rocker.



Walnut is a rich brown wood that is enjoying a surge in popularity. It has an umber tone with hints of pink, purple, or red. It has pale, cream-colored sapwood, and many choose to incorporate this contrast into their furniture design. It is often straight-grained but may have some irregularity. Walnut is also exceptionally rot resistant, though it may attract some insect activity.